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Shy? Self-conscious? I get it and I've got you!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

You’d love beautiful photos but are apprehensive about having a professional photo session and having to behave in a certain way. Well, imagine being able to rock up to your photo session and just being able to be you. No pressure to pose or ‘smile at the camera’.

I can relate

As a child I was painfully shy. I didn’t say boo to a goose and I would even hide behind the sofa when people came to the house. I was an observer and it would take a special person to gain my trust and help me to open up. Not surprisingly, I never liked having my photo taken. I remember that being taken to a photo studio and being told to sit and ‘smile at the camera’ would cause me great anxiety and this obviously resulted in a lack of photos of me growing up.

As an outdoorsy nature-loving person, when I discovered a love of photography I knew I wanted to capture the beauty in nature and when I put a person in the scene, I found a real passion for portraiture.

The first time I had a shy child arrive at a photo session, it instantly took me back to the days when I would hide behind the sofa and I instinctively connected with them and completely understood how they were feeling.

Within minutes we were friends and getting great natural photos which I found so rewarding. I realised in that moment that I wanted to help families with children that were shy or had complex emotional needs, to get beautiful family photos to treasure.

My photo sessions are different

During our photo session you have the freedom to be natural and relaxed. You get to enjoy the beautiful natural setting and half the time you don’t even know I’m taking photos.

I’ve found during my time as an outdoor portrait photographer that this approach really appeals to families with members who are shy or have complex emotional needs, and for me there is nothing more rewarding than having a child who wouldn’t let go of mum’s hand when they arrive, tell me at the end of our session how much fun they have had. I just love that!

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