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Magical Princess Photo Experiences: Snow Princess and Boho Princess Photo Experiences offer a unique opportunity to capture the enchantment and beauty of your child's princess dreams. Through careful attention to detail, exquisite gowns and tiaras, and expert editing techniques, I create a collection of photographs that will transport you to a world where fairy tales become a reality. Let the magic begin, and let your little princess shine bright in these captivating princess scenes.


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Step into a winter wonderland as the Snow Princess. In this enchanting scene, you will find yourself surrounded by glistening snowflakes and frosted trees. The serene ambiance will transport you into a realm of pure enchantment. Dress in a beautiful gown and a sparkling tiara, you'll embody the elegance and grace of a true Snow Princess.


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Enter a palace room transformed into a haven of bohemian charm and grace. The atmosphere exudes a sense of tranquility, with soft drapes and crochet snowdrops delicately adorning the surroundings. Illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight, you will be transported into a world of warmth and serenity. This scene invites you to embrace the carefree spirit of bohemian royalty.

GOWNS & TIARAS (suitable for 9 months to 9 years old)

Regardless of whether you choose to embody the Snow Princess or embrace the Boho Princess persona, my collection of gowns and tiaras ensures that your child will feel like a true princess in either enchanting scenes. Before the photo session, I will guide you in selecting the ideal ensemble, allowing your child's inner princess to shine brightly in these captivating photo experiences.


During the photography session, I will create magical princess portraits that capture the essence of your child's inner royalty. With careful attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing the perfect moments, I will guide your child through poses and expressions that embody the enchantment of being a princess. Using professional-grade equipment and lighting techniques, I will ensure that every image is of the highest quality, capturing the beauty and grace of your little princess.


Once the photography session is complete, the magic continues. Through the art of editing, I will enhance the photographs to add an extra touch of enchantment. The final result will be a collection of portraits that transport you to a world of wonder, where your child's dreams come to life.


To accommodate your preferences and budget, I offer two booking options. The Single Princess Session includes three beautifully edited images, priced at £95. This option is perfect for those seeking a smaller selection of exquisite portraits. For those who want to capture even more magical moments, I offer Both Princess Sessions package, which includes six stunningly edited images, priced at £150. This option allows for a broader range of poses and expressions, giving you a comprehensive collection of princess portraits to treasure. Additional images can also be purchased.


Simply contact Bev Edwards Photography via Facebook, Instagram or email me on to discuss the best Princess experience option for you.

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