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Studio photoshoots in Southampton, Hampshire

Maternity photoshoot, Mummy & Me photoshoot, baby photoshoot, Sitter photoshoot, 1st birthday photoshoot, 2nd birthday photoshoot, Christmas photoshoot and more.

A family & newborn photographer with a beautiful neutral photo studio in Woolston, Southampton.
I use a range of backdrops, floorings and props to create you a varied album of beautiful images for you to treasure. 

Girls first birthday photoshoot

Neutral First Birthday Photoshoot


Neutral Child Studio Photoshoot

family christmas red

Christmas photoshoot (red)

mummy and me photoshoot

Mummy & Me photoshoot

1st birthday photoshoot girl

Girl First Birthday Photoshoot


 Adult Photoshoot

family christmas snow

Christmas photoshoot (snow)

Sitter photoshoot.jpg

Sitter Photoshoot

1st birthday photoshoot boy

Boy First Birthday Photoshoot

studio maternity photoshoot

Studio Maternity Photoshoot.

Christmas photoshoot window

Christmas photoshoot (window)


Magical Princess

Photo Experiences


Snow Princess and Boho Princess Photo Experiences offer a unique opportunity to capture the enchantment and beauty of your child's princess dreams. Through careful attention to detail, exquisite gowns and tiaras, and expert editing techniques, I create a collection of photographs that will transport you to a world where fairy tales become a reality. 

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