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Why are professional headshots good for your business?

Headshots are an essential tool for businesses because they help to establish a professional and personal image for the company.

5 reasons why headshots are good for your business:

  1. Create a Personal Connection: Headshots help to create a personal connection between the business and its clients or customers. By having a professional headshot, clients or customers can see the face behind the business, which helps to build trust and confidence.

  2. Establish Professionalism: High-quality headshots convey a sense of professionalism and expertise to potential clients or customers. It shows that the business takes its image seriously and is willing to invest in presenting a polished and professional appearance.

  3. Consistency: Headshots help to establish consistency in the company's branding efforts. By using consistent headshots across all marketing channels, including social media, website, and advertising, businesses can establish a professional and consistent image.

  4. Networking: Headshots are useful for networking purposes, such as when attending conferences or events. Having a professional headshot on a business card or website can make a positive impression on potential business partners, clients, or customers.

  5. Recruitment: Headshots are also useful for recruitment purposes. A professional and attractive headshot can help to attract top talent to the company, conveying a sense of professionalism and culture that candidates may find attractive.

Headshot services, Southampton and surrounding areas

This year I have definitely noticed a greater demand for my professional headshot photography services.

This month, I was booked by a fantastic company called Timely Software Ltd whose software helps therapists, beauticians and hairdressers run their business with easy-to-use booking software that puts you in control of the whole client experience (check them out).

They hosted an event at Holiday Inn Fareham where existing and potential clients could come along to discuss the benefits of the software. In addition, visitors were treated to having a complimentary mini-makeover by a local make-up artist, followed by professional headshots by yours truly. It was such a fun day and their clients really appreciated receiving the free headshot images to use on their website, social media, etc.

Summary of benefits of having professional headshots

In summary, headshots are good for your business because they help to establish personal connections, establish professionalism, create consistency, support networking efforts, and aid in recruitment and not forgetting they are a great gift to clients attending your events.

If you’d like to discuss your business or headshot requirements, please email me at

I photograph people - from corporate headshots to family photography, find out more about my full range of photography services at website.

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