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Tween/teen portraits - the forgotten years

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

During my time as a portrait photographer, I have noticed that many parents have newborns and young children photographed professionally and then after that age many tend to rely on phone snaps. Since lockdown restrictions have eased however, I've noticed a big shift in this trend.

Changes since the lockdown

As restrictions have eased, I've seen a huge increase in parents booking photoshoots for their older children, which is lovely to see. For many reasons, they had not had professional photos taken of their children for several years. For example during a recent sunflower field photoshoot, 50% of my bookings were for older children's portraits, compared to just 10% the same time last year.

"It's been years since we've had decent photos taken"

Kids not keen on having photos taken?

This can often be the case and I've lost count of the amount of older children that turn up to the photoshoot looking very unimpressed.

But from the moment they arrive, I talk to them to find out what they would like to do and take those photos first. If someone is very shy, then we start with photos of the back of them and I don't ask for a 'smile'. I get them thinking and doing things they enjoy and then the natural smiles come out - bingo!

Getting the best tween & teen portraits

Taking photos of this age group is very different than the little ones. I always take time getting to know them, their concerns and also listen to any creative ideas they may have. By getting this 'buy-in' they're always more obliging. Then we have some fun!

As children get more self conscious, it can be more difficult to persuade them to have professional photos taken. They tend to feel much more comfortable with a pouty selfie with bunny ear filters.

Hormonal problem skin can be a concern for some, but it needn't be as I can use Photoshop to remove those naughty pimples, whilst retaining the natural look of the photos.

"Oh yeah, I really like that photo"

When I hear this from a tween/teen (often in a surprised tone), I know I'm winning!!

Let's talk

If you'd like to discuss a possible photoshoots for your growing children, I'd love to hear from you. Pop me a message through my website or facebook page.

Bev x

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