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The best age to photograph your baby - a photographer's guide

There's nothing quite like watching your baby grow and develop. From the sleepy newborn stage to the energetic toddler years, every moment seems precious. While professional photos are wonderful, capturing these milestones yourself can be just as meaningful. Here's a look at the advantages of photographing your baby at different stages:

The Newborn Stage (0-2 weeks):

  • Advantages: This fleeting window offers a chance to capture your baby's unique 'new' look – those tiny fingers and toes, soft downy hair, and peaceful sleep. Cozy blankets and close-ups of their precious features make for heartwarming photos.

  • Things to Consider:  Newborns sleep a lot, so natural light peeking through a window can be your best friend. Focus on capturing those peaceful moments and don't worry about perfect poses.

0-6 Months:

  • Advantages:  Your baby is starting to interact with the world more, with gurgles, smiles, and those first attempts at reaching. Photos at this stage capture their growing personality and connection with you.

  • Things to Consider:  This is a period of rapid development, so be ready to capture those milestone moments like holding their head up or rolling over.

6-9 Months:

  • Advantages: Sitting up independently opens a world of photographic possibilities! You can capture their newfound curiosity and playful interactions with toys and their surroundings. Tummy time on a blanket or playtime with a favourite stuffed animal offer adorable photo opportunities.

  • Things to Consider:  This can be a fussy age for some babies, so keep the sessions short and sweet and capture those candid moments of exploration.

1st Birthday:

  • Advantages:  This is a milestone celebration! Photos can capture them tucking into their first cake (if you choose to go that route!), or at Bev Edwards Photography I offer a more natural and timeless (and far less messy) approach to birthday photoshoots -

  • Things to Consider:  Book a professional photoshoot well in advance. Let your baby lead the way during the photoshoot; forced smiles rarely translate well on camera.

2nd Birthday:

  • Advantages:  The 'terrible twos' might not sound ideal, but photos at this age capture a whole new level of personality. You'll see their independence blossoming, their vocabulary expanding, and their playful energy.

  • Things to Consider:  Embrace the chaos! You'll need to be quick capturing all those candid moments of them playing, exploring, and having fun.

Bonus Tip: Everyday moments matter! While professional photos are amazing, capturing bath time, playtime, and those precious everyday moment with your phone are equally valuable. These snapshots create a beautiful record of your baby's journey and your growing bond.

Remember, the most important thing is to capture the love and connection you share with your baby.  So relax, have fun, and cherish this incredible time!

If you'd like to find out how I capture the best natural photos of babies at all stages, visit my website or email me at I'd love to hear from you!

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