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What to wear to a photoshoot

What you wear to a photoshoot can have a huge impact on the final results. Outfit choice can really make or break a photo shoot and can affect the look and feel of your photographs.

General guidelines on what to wear to a photoshoot

When a client books a photoshoot with me, I give them a comprehensive style guide giving some general guidelines as well as guidance on the specific photo session they have booked. The general guidelines include things such as:

  • Think in terms of running colour themes, not matching outfits.

  • Clothing should be comfortable and make everyone feel confident.

  • Choose clothing that reflects your personality.

  • Solid colours or subtle patterns work best.

  • Avoid distracting patterns/logos/jewellery.

Photoshoot-specific clothing guidance

I hold a variety of outdoor photoshoots during the year and each requires a different outfit choice. I have a full set of style guides to help you make the correct clothing choices and make the most of your photoshoot.

  • Daffodil field

  • Bluebells woods

  • Sandy beach

  • Mermaid experience

  • Buttercup meadow

  • Sunflowers field

  • Lavender field

  • Sandy beach

  • Mermaid experience

  • Autumn leaves

  • Autumn by the sea

  • Pumpkin farm

  • Christmas tree forest

  • Winter woodland

  • Country park

Click for specific photoshoot date details.

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