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5 ideas for an outdoor family photoshoot

Spring is here and it’s a great time to decide on an outdoor family photoshoot. Hampshire-based family photographer Bev Edwards Photography shares some ideas on how to get the best from your family photoshoot. Professional outdoor family photos can be a great way to capture and preserve memories of your family, while also creating beautiful, high-quality images that can be displayed in your home or shared with loved ones.

Reasons to consider having professional outdoor family photos taken.

  1. Capturing important milestones: Professional photos can help you capture important milestones in your family's life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just the passing of time. By having a professional photographer document these moments, you can ensure that you have beautiful images to look back on for years to come.

  2. Creating lasting memories: A professional photographer can help you create beautiful, lasting memories of your family that you can cherish for a lifetime. By capturing your family's personalities, relationships, and unique characteristics, these photos can become cherished keepsakes that you can pass down to future generations.

  3. Celebrating family connections: Professional family photos can be a great way to celebrate the connections and relationships between family members. Whether you want to capture the bond between siblings, the love between parents and children, or the connections between extended family members, a professional photographer can help you create images that truly capture these special relationships.

  4. Documenting family growth and change: By having professional photos taken regularly, you can document your family's growth and change over time. From baby photos to family portraits, these images can show how your family has evolved and grown, providing a visual timeline of your family's history.

  5. Creating art for your home: Finally, professional outdoor family photos can be a beautiful addition to your home decor. By working with a photographer to create custom images that match your style and preferences, you can create stunning pieces of art that showcase your family and add a personal touch to your living space.

5 outdoor locations to consider for an photoshoot

Bluebell Woods - Have the family walk along the winding pathways lined with bluebells while the photographer captures their natural interactions. - Capture some candid moments while the family sits on a blanket surrounded by the bluebells, enjoying a picnic. - Take some posed family photos with the bluebells as a backdrop, such as a group photo or individual photos of the children.

Buttercup Meadow - Have the family walk through the meadow, picking some buttercups, and taking some candid shots. - Take some posed photos of the family lying in the meadow, surrounded by the buttercups, with the sun shining down. - Get some close-up shots of the children playing with the flowers or chasing each other through the field.

Lavender Field - Take some posed photos of the family standing amongst the lavender rows, with the beautiful purple hues in the background. - Capture the family walking through the fields, with the sweet scent of lavender in the air. Take some candid shots of the children playing hide and seek in the rows of lavender.

Sandy Beach - Capture the family walking hand-in-hand along the beach, with the waves crashing in the background. - Take some candid shots of the children playing in the sand, building sandcastles or playing beach games.

Sunflower Farm - Take some posed family photos of the family standing amongst the sunflowers, with the beautiful yellow hues in the background. - Capture some candid moments of the children running through the rows of sunflowers, picking some to take home. - Take some individual photos of the children standing amongst the sunflowers, capturing their joy and wonder.

For further details about these outdoor photoshoots, please contact experienced outdoor family photographer Bev Edwards Photography.

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